Partnership and Shareholder Agreements

Are you in business with another person? You should have a formal agreement regulating the way all participants in the business interact with each other on issues such as control, ownership, liability and commercial decision making.

Can your partners spend the business' money without first having to check with you? Who has effective control of the company? Do you have a right to appoint a director? Are you entitled to see the company's financial records? What happens if one party wishes to leave or buy out the other party? These are just some of the issues that can be dealt with in a shareholder or partnership agreement.

We assist the stakeholders in a new business venture to examine the key issues that may arise as the business matures. An effective agreement should set out how disputes will be dealt with to minimise the impact on the business. It is also helpful to have a well documented procedure for the sale of stakeholder interests where a dispute cannot be resolved or to allow the exit of a party from a business.

There are many issues that can be dealt with in these types of agreements. Without them the issues are unclear and there can often be great uncertainty and confusion on what processes should be followed. We are experienced in reviewing and preparing both simple and complex stakeholder agreements for a variety of purposes.

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